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Pegasus Jewellery- Vitality Magnetic Healing Bracelet- New Colour

Are  you fed up feeling constantly tired and sore. Are you constantly exhausted yet when it comes to bedtime you can't sleep? Is an old injury nagging you?

If so, you need a little band of miracle: the  Vitality Bracelet.

Increase energy and alertness, sleep better  and renew strength and balance in a stylish, contemporary bracelet.

Combining the magnet NEODYMIUM and the chemical element GERMANIUM in a unique titanium catch on a silicon band.

The Benefits


The strongest magnet, giving all the benefits we know are associated in magnets. As blood contains iron, it acts as a conductor of magnetic energy in helping to increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrient to the tissue, making you feel more alert and energetic.

  • relieve stress
  • alleviate depression
  • increase energy
  • increase alertness
  • magnets have also been used in the treatment of arthritis, back aches, joint pain, chronic pain, poor circulation, insomnia, low energy and sports injuries.


The use of this chemical element makes PEGASUS Vitality Bracelet unique. In today's lifestyle we expose the body to harmful positive ions, it is these harmful positive ions absorbed in the body can make us tired and lethargic and prevent our muscles working at optimum performance. This effects can be similar to dehydration.  The Germanium is a little miracle that balances the positive and negative ions in the body, the more negative ions in the body the more efficient the body works, therefore relieving stressed and sore muscles and reducing tiredness.

  • Promotes Blood Circulation
  • Prevents Mental Fatigue
  • Enhance Flexibility
  • Renew Strength and Balance.

By combining the magnets with Germanium, will make you feel more energetic, which in turn lifts the mood and you will sleep better. It really is a little miracle. Read all the fab reviews on Facebook.


New Colour: Hot Pink


Extra Extra Small 16cm

Extra Small 17cm 

Small 18 cm

Medium 19cm 

Large 20cm

We recommend you wear a bracelet 0.5cm- 1cm bigger than your wrist measurement. Your Vitality Bracelet can be worn all the time.

 I have to say I was skeptical as to whether or not this would actually do anything at all and to be honest only wanted one to compliment my Pegasus snaffle bracelet, however, I have already noticed a difference and am definitely getting a better nights sleep. Would recommend to anyone, and it looks great. K GIBSON

“So received my bracelet on Friday can see a difference already. I have rheumatoid arthritis so was wanting to see if it would work for me. I can truly say my joints feel better in a morning and I'm not as tired either.” J SCOTT

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