About Us

Where Elegance Meets Equine: Pegasus Jewellery, Crafted in the Heart of Scotland's Ridding Heritage.

Pegasus Jewellery boasts a heritage steeped in British excellence. For founder Kim Wilson, the world of jewellery has been a family legacy spanning over a century. It all began when her Great Grandfather inaugurated a jeweller’s shop in 1909, nestled in the quaint village of Dalbeattie. Today, that very business remains a cherished part of the family, now overseen by Kim’s brother in Dumfries.

However, it was a combination of her young daughter’s influence and a visit to an International Horse Trials event that ignited Kim’s inspiration. The concept for the brand took shape during the Blair Castle FEI International Horse Trials in 2015. It was there that Kim recognized her longing to meld her passion for horses with her ambition to launch a distinguished jewellery collection. Drawing from her in-depth understanding of contemporary jewellery trends, she added a refined equestrian touch.

Horses have always held a significant place in Kim’s life, with seven ponies at home, the Wilson Show Team exhibit at the very highest level at Royal International and Horse of the Year Show .

The name of the brand itself was kindled by her daughter, Charlotte. During one bedtime story, Charlotte encountered the mythical Pegasus, the winged horse born from the body of Medusa. After hearing the tale, Charlotte suggested, “Mummy, that would be a good name for your jewellery,” and the resonance was undeniable. Kim envisioned her dreams and aspirations taking flight, much like Pegasus did.

Why Buy from Pegasus Jewellery

At Pegasus Jewellery, we infuse every piece with love and passion. We believe in creating affordable, stylish jewellery of exceptional quality. Horse owners deserve something special that mirrors their passion. Here's why you should choose us:

  • Unique, high-quality products with a stylish design
  • Exquisite packaging that complements the elegance of our jewellery
  • Family-Owned Company in South West Scotland, Delivering Exceptional Service
  • Hassle-free checkout with PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard
  • Enjoy free postage on all U.K. orders
  • Benefit from a 14-day hassle-free refund policy


Horse Of The Year Show 2023

A wonderful end to the season, my daughter Charlotte Wilson riding her own Cadlanvalley VIP in the 122 WHP. Qualifying and riding the gorgeous Royalview Chanel for the Royalview Stud. Finishing HOY's being asked to ride Briar Snow Fox for the Richardson Family.