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All you need to know about the little band of miracles: The Vitality Bracelet from Pegasus Jewellery.

Inspired by the use of magnetic therapy in horses, I began to research how magnets were used in humans and what was available on the market. I was skeptical about the power of magnets until I saw a lame horse go sound, which sent me on this course of research.

The Science Bit.

Combining the magnet NEODYMIUM and the chemical element GERMANIUM in a unique titanium catch on a silicon band.

The Benefits


The strongest magnet, giving all the benefits we know are associated in magnets.

  • relieve stress
  • alleviate depression
  • increase energy
  • increase alertness
  • magnets have also been used in the treatment of arthritis, back aches, joint pain, chronic pain, poor circulation, insomnia, low energy and sports injuries.


The use of this chemical element makes PEGASUS Vitality Bracelet unique. A semi-conductor it works on the negative ions we make when the muscles are stressed.

  • Promotes Blood Circulation
  • Prevents Mental Fatigue
  • Enhance Flexibility
  • Renew Strength and Balance.

What customers are saying

I am constantly compiling data from reviews and feedback from customers. The most common find, is the improvement in sleep quality. Closely followed by relieving aches and pains, from arthritis or old injuries. I've has some wonderful emails from clients who suffered from post chemo medication side effects and how it has helped them. Everyday I receive emails from customers who cannot believe something so simple can be so effective. Check out Facebook for up to date reviews

The placebo effect?

The dreaded question....The placebo effect? .......

 I am asked a lot about whether Vitality Bracelets work or whether it’s the placebo effect. I’ve seen how magnets work in animal therapy so no, I don’t believe it’s in our minds.
However couldn’t we say the same for all medicines? There has been endless research in pain relief and the power of the placebo effect and how powerful the mind is at overcoming pain.
However I am receiving real reviews from people struggling with insomnia, rheumatoid arthritis, post chemo tingles, aches from old injuries etc all telling me how much their Vitality Bracelets are helping. Clients thanking me for there great night sleep, increase in energy and therefore better mood.

The bracelets are reasonably priced. I’m often told they should be more expensive but I priced them at an affordable value because I want people to try them, I don’t want them to be a luxury. I want them to help people because I know they can.
So the only way I can answer whether they will work for you, is by asking you to buy one and try one. With an open mind. I want it to help you. I want to be able to send you a product that makes you a better you



Can they be worn all the time?

Yes, we recommend you wear your bracelet all the time.

Can you wear in the bath/shower/swimming?

The bracelets are fully waterproof and will not come to any damage being in the water. However, constantly submerging your bracelet in water or swimming in salt water/chlorine MAY after time discolour or effect the overall look of your bracelet.

How do I wear my bracelet?

We recommend you wear the bracelet with the magnetic catch on top of the wrist and the balls underneath. As long as the magnets are against the skin. However some customers have found it works better for them with the catch underneath.

There is no research to prove whatever way the bracelet is worn impacts the postitive effects.

How do I know what size?

We recommend the bracelet is 1cm bigger than your wrist. This allows for any swelling at nighttime. It is most important the bracelet is comfy.

I've heard the magnets interfere with laptops/phones/computers? Is this true?

My whole business is run online, I spend a huge amount of time on an Apple Mac and I have never found any interference.

Can I wear during pregnancy?

There is no scientific evidence that they impact an unknown baby. However like any new product used in pregnancy please seek the advice of your GP or midwife.


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