Vitality Boost Bracelet- Grey


The Vitality Boost Bracelet. 

Combining hologram technology with the element germanium to create a powerful bracelet to help boost body and mind.

Surgical grade Silicon Bracelet combined with germanium, embossed with Pegasus logo.

Holograms contain frequencies that “react positively with the body's natural energy field to improve balance, strength, and flexibility.”

Can be worn alone or to boost your original magnetic  Vitality Bracelet. Give yourself a boost!

Product Information


The Vitality Boost Bracelet should be neat on the wrist. We recommend measuring your wrist and ordering the closest one to your measurement. There is no catch on the Vitality Bracelet and they should stretch over the wrist. 

Extra Small: 16cm

Small: 17cm

Medium 19cm

Large: 20.5cm

Extra Large: 22cm


Outside: Grey

Inside: Pink

Logo White 

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