Memory Jewels- Introducing our latest collection.

Memory Jewels- Introducing our latest collection.

In a celebration of cherished memories and the enduring beauty of sentiment, Pegasus is thrilled to unveil its latest creation – the Memory Jewels collection. More than mere adornments, each piece in this bespoke collection is a testament to the profound connection between the past and the present, a tangible expression of love, remembrance, and personal narrative.

How long does it take?

We state 2-4 weeks, this is because every element of this piece is made from scratch. If there is a specific date it is needed for, please let us know as we will try and accommodate (or be honest if we can't meet that deadline) 

What ashes can be used?

We can use human or animal ashes to make your bespoke stone.

Can human hair be used?

We can use fragments of pet hair, human hair or horse mane/ tail hair. 

How do I send my ashes/hair?

Once you have ordered on-line you will be sent a pack with instruction of how much we need with a return envelope.

We need approx. half a tea spoon.

Will unused ashes be returned?

Yes, they will be returned with your finished piece.

Do you offer a certificate of authenticity?

Yes, every piece comes with a certificate of who the piece is in remembrance of.

Can I see a sample before the finished piece is made to check I like the stone colour?

Yes we will always create a sample first.

All the collection is silver, can you do 9ct Gold Pieces?

Yes we can,  prices for the simple oval pendant with chain in 9ct Gold start about £300.

I have a design in mind that you don't currently do, can you make it?

We are open to bespoke designs, but we can't promise as it depends on lots of factors. 

Where can I see the collection or contact you for further info? 

You can view the collection here  and please email for anything further.

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