Have you seen the new Rose Gold Vitality Bracelet?

Have you seen the new Rose Gold Vitality Bracelet?

A very excited Pegasus HQ this morning as the delivery of the new Rose Gold Vitality Bracelets arrived. 

A new sleeker black silicon bracelet attached to one stainless steel magnet combining Germanium and Nyeomedium, plated in 6 microns of Rose Gold Plate. Rose Gold has become our most popular line of jewellery, so it made sense to produce the much loved Vitality Bracelet in a Rose Gold Version.The design has been slightly adapted, with only one magnet, and not including the smaller magnetic beads as seen on the original version. However the magnetic reading is exactly the same, so it will still have the same Vitality magic as the original.

It is available in 4 sizes (XS,S,M,L) and being unisex, it is designed for both men and women. When measuring for your Vitality we recommend adding 1cm  to your wrist measurement to get that perfect fit. 

Combing style with health benefits, shop for your new bracelet here.

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