Autumn Equestrian Jewellery

Autumn Inspiration in Equestrian Jewellery

What's your favourite thing about Autumn? Golden colours of the trees, pumpkins, firepits and cosy nights in front of the fire with hot chocolate ( or something stronger!) 

For the equestrian it marks the end of light nights and riding after work as we creep slowly towards winter meaning lots of mud and cold toes. However there is nothing more wonderful that a dry Autumn hacking through the golden leaves.

The golden tones of Autumn are incorporated into our newest collections, the tan and rustic reds of leather and the warm hues of rose gold have inspired our latest additions. 

Autumn Inspiration Leather Tan Bracelet


The finest nappa leather bracelet in golden brown tan with a gold snaffle attachment is a perfect addition to add some autumn style to your wardrobe. 

Leather Snaffle Bracelet in tan £25


Leather Vitality Bracelet- Equestrian Jewellery


The looming dark nights and colder weather definitely can impact our mood, which is why a Vitality bracelet is a great buy for Autumn. Using magnetic therapy to boost circulation they can improve your energy levels and make you feel better. They are also effective in helping with arthritic pain which can be come worse with the colder weather. 

Read more about how  the Vitality can help you 


Snaffle Bracelet


A new addition to the Pegasus collection. Snaffle bracelets in Rose Gold and Silver have proved last month's best-seller. The snaffle design is always our most popular collection and we love the warm hues in rose gold, perefct for golden autumn days. 

Snaffle bracelet in Rose Gold £35

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