What's June's Birthstone?

What's June's Birthstone?

June's Birthstone is Pearl. A stunning natural gem, created in the sea, it is surrounded by mystery and legend. 

Pearls are precious water gems with natural beauty that glisten in the light. They are the only gems on the planet that are created naturally by living creatures. Coming from the sea they have a magical, mysterious quality, symbolizing purity and generosity. Pearls are believed to attract wealth and luck.

Myths and Legends

The Greeks believed they were tears of the Gods. Associated with the Aphrodite's- the Greek Goddess of love, luck and beauty- because she was thought to wear pearls. 

There is a wonderful Persian legend that states pearls are created when the rainbow meets the earth after a storm, and the luster and colours on the surface of the pearl is created by the clash of thunder and lightning.

There is even reference to them in the Bible, as it states Eve wept white pearls after being cast out of paradise.

What does a Pearl symbolise?

Most commonly the Pearl is associated with beauty, purity and new beginnings. For this reason it's a popular choice for brides. Wearers of pearls are thought to attract wealth and luck, probably dating back to the Romans, who saw them as symbols of extreme riches.

Chinese civilizations believe they are symbol of bravery, as  legends state that pearls are created in the head of a dragon. Once they are fully formed they are held in the dragon's teeth, and the only way to collect pearls is to slay the dragon. Therefore, they are associated with bravery.

Pearls and Pegasus Jewellery

At Pegasus we have combined the stunning beauty of freshwater pearls in various designs. Our most popular style is the Horseshoe Sparkle Earring available in Rose Gold or Silver. A popular choice for brides combining the luck of the horseshoe with the beauty and purity of white pearls.

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