Whats in a Name?

Whats in a Name?

What’s in a name?

In short. Everything. Parents will agree, choosing a name for a child is nearly impossible, as every name your partner suggests takes you back to childhood classroom with memories of Liam the snotty nosed kid, Beth the Bully or William the boy that peed himself on the first day and was called Wet William from that day on. We have perception attached to names and it is no different when it comes to naming a brand or a collection.

For example, if I was to name a collection Mayfair or Knights bridge, you immediately think of something luxury and expensive. Finding a name to enhance or sell a collection can be tough as you want to add to the product not detract.

A brand name is equally challenging. I knew before I launched my range of Equestrian Jewellery the brand name had to do three things.

  1. Have a connection to equestrianism
  2. Relate to an affordable, quality product
  3. Be a strong word and memorable

The original name I had decided on was COLT, I even had the graphics designed, big black bold letters with a rearing stallion in silver. I liked it, it did all of the above, but I didn’t love it. Why? Because it didn’t really have a connection to me. The night before the website was due to go live, I was reading Charlotte a story “The Usborne Book of Mythical Stories” and tonight’s chapter was Pegasus. After reading about the adventures of Zeus and the winged horse, Charlotte said, “Mummy that would be a good name for your jewellery” and I knew she was right. As I’d left the security of employment and had put all my hopes and dreams into this jewellery brand which I hoped, like Pegasus it would take flight. So that all sounds very romantic until the reality of scraping months of work with graphic designers, finalising a logo which had to be completely redone very quickly in order to launch.

The original logo was changed in a rebranding about a year ago, and now my children’s initials, C and O (Charlotte and Oliver) are the basis of the shape of the two Pegasus Wings which now make up the logo. Another special touch which personalises the brand to me.

The new Pegasus Logo, the C and O the basis of the shape for the Pegasus Wings.

Collection names are a bit trickier. I had been working on the magnetic therapy bracelet for some time but could not think of a name. It’s easy to get wrapped up in SEO and give names that Google will rate- however it makes it a bit dull. I was in the car on the way to meet the graphic design team listening to some 90’s dance when Haddaway’s ‘Rock my Heart’ came on the radio “Celebrate, Celebrate Vitality, Free your Mind” and the name Vitality worked. The word Vitality meant, Energy, Vigour, and a spirit for life, all of which the magnetic therapy bracelet aims to enhance.

The Rings was equally as random. I was uploading the new Vitality Rings onto the website, sitting at my kitchen table. (We now have a Pegasus HQ, however the heart and soul of Pegasus will always be me and a laptop on the kitchen table) I had thought I would call them styles, i.e. Style A,B,C & D, but decided against this. So not one for the mundane I tried to think of names. Inspiration is always around me, the Tesco delivery man had been, so I was squeezed onto a corner of my kitchen table amongst the shopping I hadn’t put away yet. Bold washing power, Hubby’s Shockwaves hair gel, Pure Comfort Washing Powder and Halo cereal bars surrounded me. And that was it! Bold, Wave, Pure and Halo the names of the four styles of Vitality Rings.

People always ask what I’m inspired by, and I am inspired by what s around me. My jewellery designs are created in my head from something I’ve seen in the tack room, on a walk or on the school run. Sometimes I wish my life was spent in boardrooms, dressed in designer togs, surrounded by beautiful people drinking expressos bouncing ideas off one another, it sounds far more glamorous than a pony mad mum balancing work, kids, ponies, but my life is much more fun!

Crazy world of Pegasus MD Kim Wilson and Pony Mad daughter, Charlotte.

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