What is SEO? How do you improve your SEO?

What is SEO? How do you improve your SEO?

I am always expanding my knowledge. When I started Pegasus I didn't have a clue what SEO, meta-tags, alt text... etc was. If I'm totally honest, before I built the Pegasus website, my internet experience was scrolling Facebook and buying clothes & shoes!

Last week I attended a local conference day, funded by the Scottish Government to help those with on-line businesses. Only then did I realise how much I have learnt over the past 5 years.

They asked for web-site owners to raise their hand to use their web site as an example, and they would give you help with your SEO. Wearing my brave pants, I raised my hand, they asked what my main business key word was I said    "equestrian or horse jewellery".

So in front of about 100 people, they said "Right, well lets look at this top result and see what we can learn to help your business." They did... they searched  "equestrian jewellery" ... they clicked the top website, analysed it, told me why it what so successful, and then asked for the name of my business so they could compare where I came in the results.

You could imagine their total surprise when the website they had just analysed as number one in the search result was my business... Pegasus Jewellery! 

So how has this happened and what is SEO? 

In layman's terms, SEO is basically the way google rates your website to make it show higher up in the search results. This is something I really struggled with.  I tried apps, I watched tutorials but had hit a complete brick wall. No idiot guide told me in black and white what I have to do to improve my SEO, rather than spend a fortune on google ads to rank at the top on the sponsored part ( the part most people scroll past)
Until I was introduced to the lovely people at Black Nova Designs. They explained clearly what the would do for me, how they would improve my rankings and at the end of every month I get a clear guide about what I need the Team to focus on, for example blogging or back links. This allows me to plan social media, and page blogs and then I can liaise with Tara, who is in charge of my PR and we can work out the best PR strategy. They didn't make me feel like a an idiot and clearly explained how it works and how they could help me.
In the year I've been working with Black Nova, I've gone form being on the 3rd or 4th page when you search "equestrian jewellery" to being at the top of the first page.
So for anyone struggling or anyone looking for help on SEO, I couldn't recommend them highly enough, give them a call and have a chat about how they can help you.
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