Vitality Bracelet Q & A

Vitality Bracelet Q & A


At Pegasus HQ we are inundated with questions, from the genuine to the weird and wonderful. This week we have complied the top 10 Vitality Questions.

  1. How do I know what size?

Sizing is easy- simply measure your wrist and add approximately 1cm (to the nearest round number. For example, if your wrist measures 17.3cm, we would advise you add 1cm, 18.3 and then round off, so you would need a 18cm bracelet which is a small.

XXS- 16cm

XS- 17cm

S- 18cm


L- 20cm

XL- 21cm


  1. Do they help with…….?

Vitality Bracelets can help with a variety of issues. Due to strict Advertising guidlines that control the use of holistic therapy we can't be specfic. However, speak to the hundred of happy customers who couldn't live without theirs.

  1. Can you wear more than one?

There is no limit to how many you can wear. Most customers wear a bracelet and a ring, or two bracelets, especially those using them for pain relief.


  1. The XL is 22cm but my wrist measures 23cm- do you have any to fit me?

Yes, we can custom fit to any size in black. Simply order the XL and add a note to the order stating what size you require. Unfortunately, we can only custom fit in Black.


  1. How do I wear my Vitality Bracelet? Can you wear with a Fitbit or a watch?

The best way to wear your bracelet iswith the magnetic catch on top of the wrist and the metal balls underneath. However, as long as the magnets are in close contact with your skin, they will do their job. Thoe most important thing is that the bracelet is comfy as we recommend you wear ll the time.

Yes, Most people do wear them with a watchand have no problems at all, however a few people have found it drains the battery a bit quicker, so just keep an eye on your watch battery.


  1. I’ve had my bracelet for two weeks now and don’t feel any different?

Lots of things to try. Firsty, is the fit correct? If its too loose it won’t have enough skin contact. Secondly, are the magnets warm? If you are a cold person or the magnets are being warmed with skin contact, they are not as effective. Warm them up in your hands or pop them on a radiator. Thirdly, try a different arm, some people find magnetic therapy more effective on one side of the body that another. Fourthly, are the magnets being re-directed? If you work with computers, smartphones or wear with a smart watch, it can direct the magnetic force toward the device instead of the body. Therefore, take it off when working with a computer and try again later, you might find it more effective. Fifthly, drink lots of water, our environment dehydrates our body and for the magnets to work and detox our cells efficiently you need water to flush the toxins out and help the cells absorb as much oxygen as possible. And lastly, if you still feel no improvement, then take it off and try again in a few days. Sometimes we become complacent not thinking its working when it has been and by taking it off and trying again it can reboot the body.


  1. Do you have a money back guarantee?

This is a tricky one and one we have investigated and discussed with companies much bigger than ourselves. Companies who sell products that offer MBG have huge profit margins, in some cases 200%. They can offer the MBG as the profit on the success covers any loss.

However, at Pegasus this is not how we want to work The Vitality Bracelet is an affordable product. Taking the British Design, quality packaging and branding plus offering free postage to produce a bracelet for £20 is not an easy task. It is a product we believe in and want people to try and love which is why we wanted to retail at an affordable price point.

  1. I’m a blogger, can I have a free sample to review and tell all my friends and family about?

We are inundated with requests from bloggers and influencers. We have Team Pegasus which is a team of 14 riders, ambassadors and bloggers we work closely with and find very successful in promoting our brand. However, we will be opening opportunities for some more people to joining the team next year so keep eye out on social media.

However top tip for any bloggers/ influencers looking to do any kind of promotion work for a company. Show a genuine interest, one if our top bloggers was an avid Pegasus customer first, commenting on our posts and showing off her jewellery on social media on her own back. Therefore, when we were looking for a blogger she instantly came to mind as she was doing it anyway, without the incentive of free jewellery.


  1. Do you have real proof they work?

We have loads of testimonials from wonderful customers who couldn’t live without their Vitality Bracelets. We have our own data we have collaborated showing 85% report better sleep, 74% relief from aches and pains and 82% report generally feeling more energetic and well.

However, like many complementary health care range we don’t have clinical data and this is extremely costly and would impact the cost of our product.

We have been subjected to horrible on-line abuse from people who have never used our product or dealt with our brand. For £20 we are giving you a chance it might help you, as it has 100’s of people, in terms of value for money it’s the equivalent of  5  Costa Coffees, 11 bags of kettle chips or even 5 boxes of Nurofen.


  1. Are you going to bring out a Vitality Bracelet for Horses?

Watch this space…..


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