Thankyou to all our Front Line Workers.

Thankyou to all our Front Line Workers.

This is such a difficult time. I believe in always seeing the good in every situation, however even I have been struggling this week. I can't wait to meet friends for coffee or watch my daughter compete again, but I know by staying home we are helping beat this terrible virus and help our loved ones stay safe.

As a company we have always supported the Defense Discount Service, as my husband has served in the Royal Navy for 22 years. However I am delighted we now offer a 15% discount for Blue Light Card Holders too.

Simply log in to or to find your unique discount code.

I am trying to continue Pegasus from home, in my new sterile office, keeping up to date with orders and customer service while I juggle family life. I really am so grateful for all the support I have from my loyal customer base. I love how individuals and businesses have come together as a community and it's inspiring how to see such wonderful community spirit.

Together we will beat this. Stay Strong, keep smiling.

Kim xxx


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