As we approach the end of our 4th year of trading I would like to send a special thankyou to all my loyal Pegasus Jewellery customers and supporters. Retail at the moment is incredibly difficult, facing the pressure of unsettled economy and uncertainty of Brexit. However, as a brand we are growing from strength to strength and this is purely because of our fantastic customer base.
It doesn't seem that long ago, Pegasus was simply me and a laptop at the kitchen table,  I often have to pinch my self every morning I arrive at the office to welcome my wonderful team. So thankyou for all your purchases, your comments and feedback, the social media likes and shares, and all the wonderful photos of your beautiful Pegasus pieces.
We have some very exciting new products lined up for later this year, including the Purple Poppy Campaign in aid of The Racehorse Sanctuary, and the very exciting launch of the new Vitality Boost Bracelet. So keep following us on social media for the latest Pegasus news.
So from you... Thankyou. My brand would not be what it is without my wonderful customers.
Love & Health,
Pegasus Jewellery Founder & Director