Struggling for Father’s Day inspiration? Give him a helpful little boost!

Struggling for Father’s Day inspiration? Give him a helpful little boost!

This year seems to be flying by like never before. It seems like only yesterday that I wrote about Mothering Sunday and now here we are in June and looking forward to celebrating all those wonderful dads out there this coming weekend!

Cool dad, helpful dad, sleepy dad – dads who are a little bit of everything! Whatever kind of father you have chances are he’s probably a busy chap. Working hard, keeping his family happy and making sure he’s there to support you at every turn, fathers are pretty poor at looking after themselves. Father’s Day is a great opportunity to say a big thank you to your father for all the help and love over the years.

Spoil him

Make sure you plan something personal and fun to say thank you. Depending on his hobbies or ways that he likes to relax you could cook him his favourite lunch, take him to see his favourite sport (just a warning here, it may not be an equestrian sport…!) or head out for a walk in the countryside. Just make sure you spend time with him and appreciate him, that’s my advice.

The present conundrum

Now one thing is for certain, and that is that fathers are notoriously tricky to buy presents for. The words ‘you just save your money’ forms the only proper reply to the question of what they might need or want for a present, which is entirely unhelpful! This is true for birthdays, Father’s Day and Christmas – so very annoying. 

Giving him some Vitality

The Pegasus Jewellery Vitality collection might just contain a few bits and bobs that are perfect for you dad this year. The Unisex Vitality Leather Strap Bracelet (£30.00) is available in tan or black leather and delivers a range of dad-boosting health benefits!

Magnetic therapy can help to relieve stress, alleviate depression, increase energy and boost alertness. It is also used to support the treatment of arthritis, back aches, joint pain, poor circulation, insomnia and sports injuries. The Pegasus Vitality jewellery contains Neodymium which is the most powerful therapeutic magnet available and Germanium, a semi-conductor that is said to work on the negative ions produced by the muscles when they are subject to

There is also our sleek and contemporary Infinity Bracelet in steel or two-tone steel and black (£45.00) which contains the very same Vitality power, and our range of Vitality rings.

Explore the Vitality collection here and why not consider giving your dad a helpful little boost this Father’s Day? Order by 2pm Thursday for guaranteed delivery for Fathers Day, this Sunday. 

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