Pegasus Jewellery: Our Story.

Pegasus Jewellery: Our Story.

Pegasus Jewellery has a steeped history of British excellence. Jewellery is all that founder Kim Wilson has ever known and has been part of her family for over 100 years right back to when her Great Grandfather opened a jewellers in 1909, in a small village called Dalbeattie. That business is still in the family today, run by Kim’s brother in Dumfries. Kim’s inspiration however came from her young daughter and a trip to an International Horse Trials.


Our story

“The idea of the brand came about at Blair Castle FEI International Horse Trials in 2015 when I realised I wanted to combine my adoration of horses with a desire to launch a jewellery collection. I utilised my knowledge of current trends in the jewellery world and added a classy equine twist. Horses have always been a huge part of my life and I currently have two ponies for my children. My daughter Charlotte actually inspired the name of the brand as one bedtime story she was reading spoke of Pegasus the winged horse who sprang from the body of Medusa. After reading it, Charlotte said “Mummy that would be a good name for your jewellery,” and it just felt right. I hoped my dreams and aspirations would take flight as Pegasus did.


The debut collection comprised 30 pieces but the one piece that stood out and continues to be a best seller was the pearl horseshoe sparkle earrings. Pearl studs are a beautiful jewellery classic and I wanted to make them modern and combine them with an equestrian theme. Adding the sparkly horseshoe and setting the pearl inside was everything I wanted Pegasus to be - classy combined with modern equestrianism.


As much as I adore wearing pretty jewellery, my favourite every day piece has to be our best-selling Internationally loved Vitality bracelet. It gives me strength and stamina to get through the hectic-ness of combining business and family life. I work full time with Pegasus. look after two children, two ponies and a beagle! Plus I want a mini Dachshund to add to the equation! The Vitality makes it all possible - I no longer need to take endless painkillers for my shoulder. Its a little life changing miracle band.”


Why buy from Pegasus?


The love and passion that goes into designing every piece makes Pegasus unique and really special. The aim was always an affordable stylish brand of excellent quality. Horse owners have enough expense but deserve to wear something special that highlights their passion. We offer;

- products of an exceptional quality and unique, stylish design

- stunning packaging

- easy checkout with PayPal, Visa and Mastercard

- free postage on all U.K. orders

- free 14 day refund on all orders


Love and health, from our family to yours,

Kim & Charlotte. x

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