New Vitality Bracelet with added Titanium

New Vitality Bracelet with added Titanium

Can you believe its 6 years since I launched the Original Vitality Bracelet. Combining Germanium and Nyomedium to give the body and mind a boost? The bracelets have been sold all over the world and the feedback over the past 6 years has been amazing.

Last year I was very lucky to be at Horse of the Year Show watching my daughter compete with her two show ponies, a very magical week. In the evenings I loved watching all the show jumping, and as much as you can watch it on the t.v, the excitement and drama of watching it live is unbeatable. There was lots of buzz and speculation about the liquid titanium masks lots of the show jumping horses were wearing. I have to be honest, I had never seen them before, but complementary therapy intrigues me, so when I got home I did a lot of research into titanium and what it does to horses.

Many believe that the incorporation of liquid nitrogen into the masks improves the horses concentration and also has a calming effect on horses. It is also thought to help the body heal, relive pain and boost energy. The most common reason that show jumpers used the titanium masks was for the calming effect, easing tension and anxiety resulting in a less stressed animal and a better performance.

So... I had a EUREKA moment, as much as I love the effect of the Vitality Bracelet, if I could incorporate Titanium with Germanium and Nyeomedium this could give a third dimension in the power of the Vitality Bracelet.

And that is what I have done! After a long six months working with a fab team, we have revolutionized the Vitality Bracelet now with added Titanium power.

The design, the colours, the sizes are all exactly the same but now with added Titanium, aimed to ease anxiety and tension.



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