New launch - Vitality Boost Bracelet

New launch - Vitality Boost Bracelet

I am delighted to introduce the new Vitality Boost Bracelet!

After the huge success of the Original Vitality Bracelet, I began working on this project about a year ago. I was fascinated by hologram technology which aims to optimise the natural flow of energy around the body improving strength, balance and flexibility.

However, I wanted to do something that wasn’t on the UK market, and combine Germanium (the magic of the Original Vitality bracelet) into the silicon of the Boost Bracelet. After being told this was impossible by my wonderful team, as Germanium has a dark brown colour and would discolour the silicon, throwing my plans and designs into the bin on several occasions ( and reclaiming them later stained with tomato sauce) finally we found a solution and a way to make my idea a reality.

The Vitality Boost combines hologram technology with Germanium which balance the positive ions in the body, the more negative ions we have in our body, the more efficient the body works, relieving sore muscles and reducing tiredness.

Available in 5 different colour combinations and five different sizes, the retail at £20 and are a bright addition to any arm.

Happy Wearing!

Kim Wilson

Founder & Director

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