Keeping spirits high with fun, laughter and a little bit of sparkle!

Keeping spirits high with fun, laughter and a little bit of sparkle!

It’s certainly a strange old time we’re living in at the moment isn’t it? Back in February life was pretty much carrying on as normal in the UK, and it didn’t seem real that we would soon be facing up to the impact of a global pandemic. Whether you’re trying to home school kids and get used to working from the kitchen table, throwing all your energy at a business to keep it afloat or still heading out to work every day to fight COVID-19, life is certainly different to a month ago.

Things here at Pegasus have certainly changed! The office has been shut and all packing and dispatch is carried out by founder Kim in her home. Stringent hygiene procedures are in place to ensure that no parcels head out to our customers with anything other than gorgeous equestrian-inspired jewellery in them. We want to do our part to help people come out the other side of COVID-19 healthy and well. It comes at a time when we’re so excited to launch some beautiful new products, including some stunning new equestrian-inspired rings. The Amelia, Jasmine and Olivia feature the most gorgeous snaffle and stirrup detailing in gleaming sterling silver.

 Aside from work, we need to get into the routine of not seeing friends and many of our loved ones, whilst keeping some semblance of a ‘normal’ life going. For those people with families, flatmates or a partner the lockdown is (hopefully) bearable. If you’re single, older or stuck somewhere unhappy, life must be so tough. One outing a day to exercise and the occasional essential trip out for supplies means a lot of time at home and an awful lot of time to fill.

That’s why Pegasus founder Kim is determined that her social media feed will be a place for positivity and happiness during this time. It’s not hard to find a big dose of reality by clicking onto a news website or just reading through the average Facebook timeline for a bit, so Pegasus social media aims to be a distraction for a bit. From the funniest memes and gorgeous horsey pics to offers and discount codes, Pegasus social media is the place to be for a little lift during this time. If you’ve had your eye on something sparkling from Pegasus for a while, or you’re bowled over by one of the brand-new rings, now is the time to buy! Just pop the code SPRING in at the checkout! Time to get browsing... 




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