Felicity Collins Eventing on her Team European GOLD and mega plans ahead

Fresh from her Team Europeans GOLD medal, we caught up with our sponsored rider Felicity Collins to see how her Summer was going and to hear of her super exciting plans for the future.
How is 2019 going for you?
It’s been busy, but good! I had to sell a few nice horses at the end of last year due to finances, but all is going in the right direction. Running a yard and a business whilst also trying to be a professional athlete is tough at my age, but I don’t think I’m doing too badly! 
Did you always want to be an Eventer?
Yes, my mum evented at top level so I was always keen to follow in her footsteps. 
What advice would you have for someone who wants to Event professionally?
If you’re someone who wants ‘a life’ as well as horses, forget it!! At least until you make it! Horses are not a 9-5 job, any of the best will tell you that. If you want to do this sport professionally, and do it well, you have to be prepared to eat sleep & breath horses, and forget what a day off is! Also be prepared to learn about all things business related. Being a professional isn’t just about the riding but all the boring stuff too! 
What's your best moment Eventing to date?
Definitely winning a team gold medal at the young rider Europeans this year and also finishing on the podium in 3rd place at camphire CCI4*L behind Kazuma Tomoto & Jonelle Price.
What goals do you have for the 12 months?
To step up to 5*, eek! And to win more...! 
Tell us about your current string of horses
I have 3 horses at 4* level, one at 3* and then a few babies from just backed to novice level. You can find out more about them, including results, background story and future plans on my website www.felicitycollins.co.uk/horses 
Who could you not do this sport without? Owners, trainers, sponsors?
All of the above!! My owners are the only reason I am able to continue doing my job. I am always looking for additional rides and owners to be able to expand my business plan and string, but at the moment I have some lovely horses owned by some lovely people. The same goes for my sponsors & home team, I really couldn’t do it without them, their support is invaluable. 
Now for some quick fire questions!
Badminton or Burghley?
Cheese or Chocolate?
Christmas or Birthday? 
Snow or Sun?
Bay or Grey?
Music or Movie? 
Cross country or Show jumping?
Cross country 
Huge thank you to sponsored rider Felicity Collins for these answers, we hope you've enjoyed getting to know this amazingly talented young rider a little better!