Behind the scenes at Pegasus HQ

Behind the scenes at Pegasus HQ

What strikes you most as you walk into Pegasus HQ is the laid-back busyness that flutters all around, with people packaging, talking to customers on the phone or sipping tea while replying to a review or question someone has left- there is never a quiet moment!

With our sneak peak at what goes on behind the Pegasus brand, it is clear to see that from the design process all the way through to dispatch, each order is handled with the upmost love and care.

What makes Pegasus unique as a brand is the passion behind it. Director Kim Wilson, founded the business from her kitchen table, inspired by a trip to Blair in 2015, she decided she wanted to create a collection of Equestrian Jewellery that combined modern jewellery trends with an equestrian twist.

From there the company has grown into a globally recognised brand, however the heart and soul still remains. Design inspiration comes from what surrounds her, seeing interesting shapes or colours and interpreting this into modern jewellery. With so many other jewellery brands around, Kim really wanted Pegasus to stem from something more than just fads and replicating pieces that have already been around for years, and what better way than through organic creativity and interpretation of the world around you.

“Most of my initial designs are on bits of napkins or scraps of colouring books as an idea pops into my head and I think… wow that would make a fab piece of jewellery” says Kim, and that is where the journey begins for each individual piece, in the most organic way.

The Design Process

Based in South West Scotland, the office is a bustle of activity. Supported by a fantastic individuals  in the  customer service and dispatch team, Kim is still very central to the every day running of the business. “I think it’s important to be in contact with customers, be aware of the every day ups and downs, I would hate to lose touch with that. I am too emotionally attached at times, however I believe the love and passion make Pegasus unique”. You can really tell from the moment you meet the team, that their heart and soul goes into everything they do at Pegasus, and they will not rest until customers are happy with their purchases. The team are fueled by excellence, love of the work and a little bit of tea & chocolate; but one thing is clear, there is a real family feel to the brand.

Busy in Dispatch

Dealing with hundreds of orders a day from all over the UK, and globally, each order is dealt with quickly and efficiently, but always handled with care to make each purchase special. Packaged in black velvet pouches or silk gift boxes all branded with the recognisable winged horse logo, which can be used time and time again for storage & safe keeping.

Pegasus Logo: Notice the winged horses are based on the shape of a C & O

The logo has a special meaning combining the initials of Kim’s children, Charlotte in Oliver in the shapes of the horse logo, which makes the brand even more personal. There are 3 things that the Pegasus brand are built on: Family, focus and fantastic pieces, and it is clear to see that everyone involved is right behind these.

“I believe small touches make a web-site purchase feel more special, beautiful packaging, recognisable logos and quick delivery are all very important, This is why our return customer rate is so much higher than the average. 56% of our customers make a second purchase within 6 months which shows how much our customers love the products, packaging and service- so we must be doing something right! ” says Kim. In addition to this, Pegasus charge £0 postage fees and believe that is the way it should be. Many a time we all have been shopping online, only to get to the checkout to a huge postage fee and left, disheartened. This is not the case for Pegasus, you can shop at ease knowing the figure at the top of the screen is the figure you will pay for your purchase, which really makes the brand stand out from the crowd and sees returning customers year after year.

Pegasus has just celebrated it’s 3rd birthday and with so much in store 2019 with new products and taking to the road, it is set to be the most exciting year yet. Keep your eyes peeled for updates and announcements, and most importantly stay fabulous in your wonderful Pegasus pieces.

End of a Busy Day


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