A catch up with sponsored rider Vicky Smith after one EPIC year!

A catch up with sponsored rider Vicky Smith after one EPIC year!

How has 2019 been for you?
2019 has been an amazing year for me. The horses have done me proud. With wins at royal Windsor, the royal international and hoys I really couldn’t have expected more in my first time producing. 

Whats been your high for this year?
My biggest high has to be my hoys won on Bart. He won last year so to go back and do it again was a tough task! He fully deserved it and I felt under so much pressure to have him right. 

Have you Evented much at all this year?
Sadly the weather has taken its toll on my eventing. Indian King II has some good runs including Brand Ball International whilst Duntoatee racked up 5 double clears and some good placings at BE100.

What advice would you have for someone who wants to compete professionally?
Go for it! I was very frustrated in the end. I had been teaching for 12 years and I knew I could do better I just needed more time! 

Whats been your biggest learning this year?
It’s really important to listen to advice. My more Experienced fellow competitors are always so supportive and happy to help if I need it. Horsey people are all really kind!

What goals do you have for the coming 12 months? 
We have a great team of horses with some exciting new faces to bring out. I would love some good wins but after last year it will be tough to repeat! 

Who could you not do this sport without? It’s really important to work as a team and mine is amazing. I have some really loyal owners, amazing staff in harriett Lawton and Callie besant who groom for me at shows. TopSpec supply all my feed along with mole valley farmers who supply my bedding and other essentials. I couldn’t manage without them. 

Now for some quick fire answers!
Favourite event? 
HOYS!! Even 22 years after first competing there it still gives me the same butterfly’s! 

Cheese or Chocolate? 

Christmas or Birthday? 

Snow or Sun?

Bay or Grey? 
Grey... my grooms wouldn’t agree 

Music or Movie? 

Indoor or Outdoor competition?
Outdoor (unless it’s raining!)

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