Charity pin in aid of The Racehorse Sanctuary


Pegasus Jewellery are delighted to launch the purple pin in aid of the Racehorse Sanctuary in remembrance of all animals that were lost during wartime or in active service. 50% of the sale of each pin will go directly to The Racehorse Sanctuary.

What is included in the Pegasus Purple Pin  package?

A beautiful purple  pin, with glitter enamel. A perfect lapel badge measuring approx 2cm x 1.5cm.

We have collaborated with the wonderful Scottish artist Val Macadam, who has created the most beautiful remembrance art work for us. Each poppy is sold with a limited edition Val Macadam postcard.

This is a no profit exercise and £5 from the sale of each poppy will go directly to The Racehorse Sanctuary.

UK Postage Included

What animals are used in conflict?

Today, most animals in the UK military service are working military dogs, for example the 1st Military Working Dogs Regiment. Historically the greatest number of animals in conflict have been horses and ponies. Approximately 8 million horses, ponies and donkeys died in WW1 alone. Other animals such as camels, donkeys and elephants have been used in war time to carry food, water, ammunition and medical supplies to the men on the front line. Dogs and pigeons were often used for communication and carrying messages.

There are also the less known animals who have helped in wartime. The US and the Soviet have used dolphins to locate mines. Sea Lions have also been trained to locate enemy divers, the sea lion can spot a diver and attach a tracking device to an enemy's limb.  In France during WW1, parrots were trained to warn against incoming aircraft.

As much as these animals are heroes they are also victims of conflict, and should be remembered for their sacrifice.


Who are The Racehorse Sanctuary?


Graham Oldfield and Sue Collins founded The Racehorse Sanctuary in 2005, a registered charity based in the beautiful West Sussex countryside. It is funded entirely by donations from the general public. The charity aims to help some of the nearly 7,000 horses who leave the British racing industry each year find a new home. 

Graham, Sue and their dedicated team work hard to ensure the horses are retrained and re homed. Firstly as riding horses, where possible or found a home for life as a companion. In addition, there are also a small percentage of horses who will never be re homed due to various issues. Consequently, these horses have a home for life with the Racehorse Sanctuary in the Peter O’Sullivan High Dependancy Unit.


The Artist  

Val Macadam, is an  artist is well-known for her quirky and humorous pictures that are inspired by country life. Based in SW Scotland, we approached Val to create a peaceful image combining horses and the purple poppy. Her vivid use of colour in the poppy contrasts the sleeping white horse, conveying a sense of peace in this beautiful postcard. A perfect accompaniment to our purple poppy pin.


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