NEW Vitality Bangle- White


The New Vitality Bangle from Pegasus Jewellery.

A copper bangle combining all the health benefits of copper with the magnetic power of neodymium in our original Vitality Bracelets in the stylish copper bangle. 

Finished with a stunning enamel finish, available in white, black, greeen, orange and red.

What are the benefits of wearing copper?

There are therapeutic effects recorded from ancient time to modern day about copper worn next to the skin.

Recognised by medical practitioners as an natural alternative.

Benefits include:

Reducing Joint Stiffness and pain.

Anti Inflammatory benefits with Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis.

Helps with Mineral Absorption.

Increases Cardiovascular Health.

Boosts the immune system.

Anti Ageing benefits.

Benifits of Neodymium

Boost Energy

Improve Sleep

Pain Relief

Healing soft tissue

Increased endorphins

Improved mobility

Reduced stiffness


Product Dimensions

Material : Copper

Dimensions: 7cm x 4cm 

Width at widest: 7mm

SIZING: Copper is a soft material designed to be bent around the wearers wrist for close contact. Torc design to allow 'a one size for all' product.


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