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Welcome to the New Pegasus Blog

Posted by KIM WILSON on

Welcome to the new Pegasus Blog. The stories and the ups and downs of being a pony mum and balancing your own business. So a huge welcome welcome from all of us, an exhausted Mother with two energetic children, a crazy beagle and a beautiful lead rein pony, Millie.

This blog will look at all things horsey from a mummy perspective and share the stories and comic episodes along the way!

I'd love to hear any of your funny pony stories, from HOYS to Pony Club, please email me any anecdotes to cheer us pony mummy's up during the long hard slog as we juggle mucking out with house work (my stables are always much neater than my house) and endlessly feeding children, ponies, dogs and the resident pigeon,originally named: Fat Fred.

Let's just take a moment, while I introduce Fat Fred: Fred appeared in a much leaner state, in our garden about two years ago. At this point he was just the pigeon. Roll on winter 2015, when after a trip to the garden centre we came home with a wonderful bird feeder that via suckers stuck to the kitchen window. I had nostalgic British notions of waking up like Snow White, to a variety of tits, thrushes and robins looking at me fondly as I  made my morning cup of tea.

Two problems with this Snow White fantasy: Number one, I never have any time for a cup of tea in the morning as I'm pouring cornflakes with one hand and scooping out pedigree chum with the other as I am ironing school uniform with my  feet and signing school consent forms with my teeth.

The second is Fat Fred. Fat Fred, like the playground bully has terrified any other life form from coming anywhere near. He sits waiting, in hiding, until we sneak out in the cloak of darkness to fill up with gourmet bird treats and then dives and devours before another bird can get a tweet in. I stood my ground, I refused to fill the feeder to be guzzled by the notorious pigeon who would scare the living daylights out of me, sittiing on the kitchen sill waiting with his beady eyes. But giving into popular demand in the forms of two very persuasive children, he has become an adopted member of the clan. Getting fatter and fatter every day until one day he will be two clumbersome to escape the claws of a neighbouring cat or will simply combust.

No one said being a Mum was easy (as someone told me, if being a Mother was easy, Fathers would do it!) and somedays as we trudge round muddy fields, cold and wet, dragging a pony behind us,  dreaming of the post-bedtime G &T, it seems pretty bleak. However there are always the days when the little treasures win the best-turned out at pony club or you overhear a snippet of your little ones converstion as they recall there day at school to their best four-legged friend that you realise the relationship between human and horse is so profound.

I recently posted a link on facebook to a Sunday Times article which outlined the Actor Martin Clunes opinion that all school children in England should be matched up with a horse to boost children's happiness and wellbeing. The response to this was profound and people commented about their experience of using horses to help abused, deprived or challenged children gain confidence and trust.

I believe that horses give our children so much quality of expereince and teach them to be caring and responsible as human beings. It's a relationship to be treasured.

And on that note, as Fat Fred and his beady eyes are watching it must be time to think about feeding the troops.

So welcome to our blog! Happy reading,

Love and Best Wishes,

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