Help! I can't sleep in lockdown!

The most common question I've had recently is " Will a Vitality bracelet help me sleep? " It seems many of us are really struggling to get a decent night sleep through this pandemic.

Getting a good 8 hours sleep is vital, without it we get into a vicious cycle feeling lethargic and tired the following day, not being active and therefore not being able to shut down at bedtime.

So I have delved into some research and here are my top tips for getting a good nights sleep...

1. Routine. routine. routine

Has every day become a Sunday? Late mornings, late nights and meals all over the place? Our body needs routines to allow us to produce the hormones required for that time of the day. Try and get up and go to bed at the same time everyday, and try and have meals at the roughly the same times.

2. Have breakfast.

The more energised and active we are through the day, the more our body needs sleep to recover. So get up early, get some fuel into you and start the day.

3. Dedicate a work time and work space.

This has been the hardest part for me moving Pegasus at home. I would do some work in bed on my laptop or phone, I would be answering emails at stupid o'clock. I know its tough and some people have had to create offices in bedrooms (away from kids or family) but none of this is helping your sleep.

Try and create a workspace with a desk somewhere away from your bedroom if possible, and really try and stick to your pre-lockdown working hours. This is really hard for me as I'm trying to home school but I try and be at my desk for 8 and I close my computer down at 3.

4. Cut the coffee and wine

I'm not being a killjoy, but if you are really struggling neither of these will help. I was in a cycle of a wine to help me chill out and coffee first thing to wake me up. Caffeine only masks your tiredness and the more you drink the quality of your sleep decreases dramatically. Or if you really can't cut them out, don't have coffee after noon and then up your water intake to help flush them out your system quicker.

5. Chill out

I am a very anxious person and hate change at the best of times. We all have guilt issues: not home schooling enough, working too much, drinking too much on top of the genuine financial worries and what life will be like after lock-down.

Stop watching the news, and stop checking your phone before bed ( it's advised you removed your self from all technology and hour before sleep).

I was really struggling to switch off, so I replaced my kindle with a proper book and I found the most amazing company called Funky Country who make the most divine pillow mist infused with lavender. 

I've also starting to keep a notebook beside my bed and when I have those moments of terror which always hit at 3am, I write them down and then try and relax knowing I won't forget to do it as it's written down.

Be kind to yourself, these are really tough times and we are all doing our very best to get through them.

I am never without my Vitality bracelets and I know from personal experience how much they have helped with my anxiety and poor quality of sleep, but they are part of a bigger picture that helps keep me going just now.

Stay safe and well.

Kim xxx


You can read more about how Vitality Bracelets work here.